Woodchuck Hard Cider Launches First US Advertising Campaign

Vermont Hard Cider Company launched its first advertising campaign for Woodchuck Cider.

“Why Woodchuck,” showcases Woodchuck’s unique position as America’s original hard cider, crafted at an authentic cidery, unlike many of the recent competitors who have entered the US marketplace.

“As the pioneer in the US Cider category, we felt it was time for us to reestablish our voice and our positioning with today’s cider consumers,” said Bridget Blacklock, Marketing Director at Vermont Hard Cider Company. “Authenticity matters greatly with our target audience and it was time to shine a light on who we truly are, which makes us unique among many of the cider brands that are out there today. Our friends at Smartfish found a funny and memorable way to highlight our authenticity credentials.”

The campaign, developed in partnership with creative agency Smartfish Group, includes digital video with two spots launching simultaneously, “Promise” and “Time Travel.”

The campaign also includes digital banners, terrestrial radio and digital audio. It will start testing in markets across the US this summer including Austin, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Hartford. SwellShark handles the media strategy, planning and buying for Woodchuck.

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