World Gourmet Society Festival 2014

world_gourmet_societyThe World Gourmet Society Festival will start on January 20, 2014 – Top restaurants across the globe offer their interpretation of the World Gourmet Society’s mission to discover new culinary landscapes through a specially designed menu.

“Discover New Culinary Landscapes” is the mission of the World Gourmet Society (WGS) and its members. To bring this mission to life, WGS has worked globally with more than dozen top chefs to translate that mission into menus to be presented in their restaurants across the world.

The festival will not take place at one venue. Rather, the festival menus will be offered during four weeks in restaurants around the world. Participating restaurants include the Michelin Starred Restaurant Säuc in Barcelona with Chef Xavier Franco, the award-winning Ministry of Crab from Chef Drashant in Colombo, the 2 Michelin Starred Restaurant De Kromme Watergang from Chef Edwin Vinke in the Netherlands and many more. There are also festival participants in the Bahamas, Brazil, Austria, and Germany, among other countries.

For the United Kingdom the restaurant Tamarind Mayfair and Michelin Starred Chef Prasad have created the special “Shahi Dawat” menu for the festival.

Tamarind_Mayfair_Murhg_MahaniWGS is a worldwide club of gourmet and food enthusiasts. The society currently numbers more than 15,000 members worldwide on LinkedIn and is the largest group of its kind. The WGS website brings a smaller and more exclusive group of food enthusiasts together and offers its members the opportunity to build a detailed gourmet profile and network with likeminded food lovers.

The festival will be complemented with a Guide that features all menus and participating restaurants. The Guide also provides insight into the gourmet world of the chefs who have created the menus to help discover new culinary landscapes.

Matthias Baur, founder of the World Gourmet Society says: “It is my sincerest wish that all participating restaurants experience great moments when they present their dishes to their guests and for all guests to not only enjoy their dinner but also to discover a new culinary landscape. I hope that all those who download this World Gourmet Festival Guide but who are unable visit one of our participating restaurants get inspired by reading about what other food cultures have to offer.”

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