Wowme Design brings a new Attack A Snak pack to life.

Mexican Culture Fiesta: Colorful (colourful) traditional Mexican/hispanic ceramic pottery Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) skulls on display at a market in Mexico.

Bringing some Mexican Fiesta to the latest offering from Attack A Snak,  Wowme have taken inspiration from the popular Day of the Dead festival to design the new Nachos Snack Kit, that is now sited within the snacking category. A great source of fibre, the new Vegetarian Nachos Snack Kit aims to fill that hunger gap for “tweenagers”, keeping them full of energy throughout the day.

With its exciting Mexican Day of the Dead themed design, it’s achieving impactful standout on shelf and consumers are enjoying this new recipe. From our insight, we are finding that children and young adults are being exposed to a multitude of culinary delights now and are always keen for new taste experiences. With its more grown-up flavour profile, coupled with the edgier design, it now permits them to try something a little more adventurous and expand their food horizons.

Andy White, Creative Director of Wowme Design remarked “It’s great working with the Attack A Snak brand. The bold iconography of Day of the Dead brings the pack to life! ”…He added, “We are excited about this range extension for Attack A Snak, the new packs look strong and have a real standout within the category.”

New Attack a Snak Nachos are now available in the chilled Snacking aisle along with the rest of the Attack a Snak range in ASDA and Morrisons.

Source: Wowme Design

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