YOLO: Chocolate Packaging Reminds Us That You Only Have One Life

YOLO1Brazilian design studio Sweety Branding Studio—who is responsible for this typography-inspired coffee packaging—has created a colourful and exuberant packaging for YOLO, a “product line for those who wish to eat delicious food without worrying about it’s caloric intake, but with happiness”.

Consisting of “brownies, cookies, coffee flavoured milk and chocolate covered coffee”, YOLO would like to remind you that you only live once, so why not indulge a little and have pop something sweet and delicious into your mouth?

YOLO2The bright logo is complemented with a loud jagged strips pattern on the boxes—we particularly like the round jars that has been used to contain the brand’s chocolate balls.

View more images of this cheerful branding project below—and stop feeling guilty about every sugary bite and sip of caffeine.

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