YUP! Hires The Onion To Do Nothing

YupMilk-landscapeNew flavored milk brand YUP! and digital media company Onion Inc. are calling on young adults to do nothing as part of their newly launched campaign.

The partnership is changing the conversation on chocolate milk as YUP! is positioning itself as a satisfying reward for young adults and teens, a break from their otherwise hectic and demanding lives.

When realizing that so much of the brands target audience lived on social media, YUP! decided not to partner with a traditional advertising agency, but instead with content marketers who know how to connect with young people in smart, relevant, engaging and unexpected ways – the creative services team of Onion Inc., Onion Labs.

OnionLabs“Our goal is to break out of the traditional chocolate milk carton and engage our fans in fun, humorous, and unconventional ways on social media,” said Clay Gurenstein, director of innovation for YUP! parent company, fairlife, L.L.C. “We asked several agencies to show us something funny and make us laugh… only one could, so they got the job.”

Together, YUP! and Onion Inc. will introduce teens to YUP!’s chocolate-y goodness though a social marketing campaign encouraging them to take an hour of their busy, socially-driven lives to do what they want to do, not what they have to do.

“The ‘Nothing Hour’ is our take on ‘Earth Hour.’ But instead of turning your lights off for an hour, we’re asking kids to just do nothing,” said Rick Hamman, Onion Inc.’s SVP of content. “We want them to reward themselves for 23 hours of productivity with 60 minutes of glorious nothing and a nice glass of YUP!”

YUP!, part of fairlife, L.L.C., launches in select markets in the southeast and northeast US in 2015 and will rollout nationally in 2016.

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