31ST:SECOND Keeps Lunch Light with New Arnott’s ‘Switch the Sandwich’ Push

ARNSA344_SwitchTheSandwich_V2Brand participation agency 31ST:SECOND, have partnered with Arnott’s to develop a refreshed version of the campaign “Light Lunch” promoting healthier and lighter lunches that will get shoppers to ‘Switch the Sandwich’.

Arnott’s is encouraging shoppers to swap bread for a lighter alternative from their Crispbread range, Vita-Weat Lunch Slices and Cruskits, by highlighting the health benefits of these options.

31ST:SECOND have developed off-location displays, POS including recipe cards and will be sampling in the fresh section of supermarkets to interrupt shoppers front of store and target those who avoid the packaged biscuit aisle.

The agency leveraged Arnott’s partnerships with like-minded healthy products, such as Tassal Salmon and Pecorino Tomatoes, to offer easy healthy lunch alternatives using Arnott’s products.

11951452_936554479739722_4699493321534664853_oThis ease of shop solution and sampling opportunity will attract shoppers and encourage them to trial, which we know has a high conversion to sales.

31 ST:SECOND group account director, Laura Williams said: “We are excited to be working with Arnott’s to evolve the Light Lunch platform. This year’s campaign is all about encouraging consumers to switch their traditional sandwich for Arnott’s Vita-Weat Lunch Slices, which are packed with wholegrain and goodness, or alternatively Arnott’s Cruskits, which are lower in carbs than bread.”

“By offering delicious and healthy recipe inspiration for shoppers, we’ve provided an ease of shop lunch solution plus excited the retailers with a cross category activation.”

The Arnott’s Switch the Sandwich campaign is now live in across all stores nationally in Australia.

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