A Peek Into Coca-Cola’s Sleek & Modern New Offices In Colombia

Coke-Col1When designing new offices for a brand as iconic as Coca-Cola, it would be tough to create a space that is contemporary yet pays homage to its rich heritage.

However, AEI Architecture and Interiors seems to have pulled it off with the new headquarters for the soda giant’s operations in Colombia—according to the architectural firm, “a red container, a huge Coca-Cola bottle, old advertising and other elements that evoke the company’s beginning are essential to create an inspirational office”.

Unlike the old offices, these new spaces are more open and transparent—they are designed to promote collaborative work and communication between employees, while maintaining high levels of confidentiality.

The red and white color scheme, with soothing elements of natural wood, gives Coca-Cola’s famous branding a modern update—view more images of these new offices below.

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