A Rocking Good Christmas

Rocks+Drinks+Cordials+gift+pack+When it comes to Christmas, only the finest food and drink will do. Treat friends and family to the latest organic cordials and squashes from Rocks Drinks, which make great gift choices and perfect accompaniments to festive food or can simply be enjoyed during the celebrations.

A little sophistication is a must at Christmas meal-times and organic fans will love Rocks Organic Cordials, which include Spiced Fruit Punch, Fiery Ginger, Spring Elderflower, Velvety Blackcurrant, Zesty Lime and Summer Fruits. This classy range of luxurious organic cordials including Fiery Ginger, which was awarded a prestigious Soil Association Organic Food Award, is perfect for those who want a non-alcoholic refreshing drink that has a sophisticated flavour.

Simply mix any of these cordials with still or sparkling water to make naturally-tasting drinks to quench party peoples’ thirst and the handy 360ml bottles mean they’re ideal for taking along to family gatherings. Alternatively, if you’re in need of a little heat, try Rocks Cordials with hot water for a heady, invigorating drink to keep you warm on the chillier nights.

If you’re fed up of pouring the same old cocktails why not add a drop of Rocks Cordial into the mix and serve up a new variety of flavours this Christmas. Try mixing Rocks Organic Spiced Fruit Punch with spices and water to create a new recipe for Virgin Mulled Wine; add Fiery Ginger Cordial to Scotch whisky for a warming Whisky Mac and mix Velvety Blackcurrant with lemon grass and rum for a cocktail that’s sure to get the party season started.

Three of Rocks Organic Cordials come in a gift pack to make a great Christmas present or a token of thanks to family and friends you might be staying with during the festive holidays. Spiced Fruit Punch, Spring Elderflower and Fiery Ginger come in a presentable black box with integral handle and are available from Goodness Direct and independent health stores.

And of course nothing gets children as excited as Christmas. This festive season stock up on Rocks Organic and Traditional Squashes, which are made using old-school simple methods, so there’s no hidden ‘nasties’, just water, sugar and lashings of fruit. Rocks has been making squash for 30 years and the range includes Orange, Lime, Red Five, Lemon and Blackcurrant to keep thirsty children hydrated and healthy during the busy period.

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