A World First – Passata in a PET Bottle

CirioAs Italy’s most loved tomato brand, Cirio is an icon of Italian cuisine in over 90 countries. Since 1856, Cirio has created a range of tomato products to bring the authentic taste of Italy into every home!

Now, millions of UK consumers are discovering Cirio for the very first time and experiencing the distinctive aromas, taste and passion of genuine Italian cooking, helping to maintain Cirio’s position as one of the UK’s fastest growing tomato brands!

CirioAccording to Cirio:

Over 150 years of expertise and passion for tomatoes is packed into every can of CIRIO. Since Francesco Cirio first introduced Cirio to the world, it has perfected the art of nurturing tomatoes that are exceptional in taste, texture and colour. Picked at the precise moment when their ripeness and plumpness are just right, every tomato is lovingly prepared and canned the very same day to capture their freshness and fragrance.

As a world first, Cirio has launched its fabulous La Passata in PET bottles for longer freshness, portability and for easier pouring.

This is a real revolution for tomatoes moving from glass to PET and whilst retaining all the quality and taste of great Italian tomatoes.

CIRIO’s new 540 gram PET bottle is easy to use and modern, meeting the needs of the modern consumers. It’s practical and easy, modern and light and easily disposable….with no sacrifice of taste or quality. The advantages of PET are many but the main one is an assurance of a natural taste and a shelf life of 24 months.

Made from 100% Italian tomatoes, harvested and processed on the same day and with guaranteed traceability from seed to fork, Cirio’s perfect velvety Passata is ideal for long cooking dishes that require the real rich and unique ‘Taste of Italy’ ideal for the most discerning chefs and households.

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