Adelie Foods’ Research Shows Millennials are Turning their Backs on Dairy

Dairy-free diets could soon become the dominant free-from trend amongst millennials, according to research by Adelie Foods. The survey of 200 16-30 year olds showed that dairy-free diets could soon overtake the current dominant free-from diet – gluten-free.

The survey revealed that 19% of 16-30 year olds have bought or eaten dairy substitutes in the past six months, with a further 16% choosing lactose-free products. For the first time, this figure closely approaches the 22% of millennials who opt for gluten-free products when shopping, indicating a growing dairy-free movement among this age group.

The research found that free-from diet trends are set to rise, with almost half of those who buy and eat free-from products saying they are likely to buy more free-from products in the future. Interestingly, the research also shows that free-from is becoming a more prevalent lifestyle choice, with only 13% of those who said they regularly shop in the free-from section doing so due to a medical condition.

The survey, which examined the considerations millennials take when choosing Food To Go options, found that when it comes to selecting savoury food, the top five reasons were:

  1. Affordability
  2. Good value for money
  3. Quick service
  4. Flavoursome
  5. High quality

John Want, Marketing Director at Adelie Foods says: “It’s clear food outlets need to get value and service right, but once they do, and with competition in the Food To Go sector ever increasing, brands need to ensure we respond to the changes in millennial eating habits, particularly the growing proportion who are opting for dairy-free options. Creating quality products with premium dairy-free ingredients that meet the same high standards in taste and visual appeal as our core range is a key innovation area for us at Adelie Foods. With Millennials set to make up 75% of the workforce by 2020, it’s vital for food outlets to get their offer right for them.”

Source: Adelie Foods

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