AgencyUK Creates Tailor-Made Campaign For Indian Sauces

CuminStitches_7817AgencyUK has teamed up with The Spice Tailor to promote their unique brand of Indian sauces in the UK and Australia.

Created by TV chef Anjum Anand, The Spice Tailor utilises authentic ingredients that can be ‘tailored to taste’ in a convenient, three-step cooking process.

AgencyUK was tasked with launching an above-the-line ​campaign ​for the brand, which encourages home cooks to quickly create their own dishes, tailored to taste.

The campaign of three press ads features visual coincidences that allude to authentic spices being ‘tailored’ into the sauces. Cumin seeds are represented as stitching, peppercorns become pinheads and slices of fresh ginger and turmeric resemble buttons. The campaign was created by Zane Radcliffe and Jamie Bush, and photographed by Bristol’s Kirstie Young.

‘Because this is the first above-the-line campaign for The Spice Tailor, it’s crucial that we get the brand name out there,’ said Radcliffe. ‘The creative idea visually dramatises the name The Spice Tailor in the coming together of tailoring and food preparation.’

The print campaign will be rolled out in retailer and consumer magazines, starting with the November issue of Sainsbury’s Magazine.

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