Allplants Launch Four New Dishes and Long-Awaited Single Serve Range

Plant-powered meal delivery service Allplants marks Veganuary with the launch of a 14-dish single serve range including four brand new, imaginative dishes to your door: Kimchi Grain Bowl, Polpette Orzo, Biryani Jewel and Keralan Sundown.

Previously only available in double servings, customers can now order meals for one and choose from gluten-free, protein-packed or vitamin-rich options. Made by chefs, designed by nutritionists and delivered directly to your home; customers enjoy each dish from their freezer in a matter of minutes.

Alex Petrides, Allplants co-founder commented: “A lot of people are using allplants to kick off their Veganuary plant-powered resolutions, which is the whole point we exist! We’re on a mission to make plant-powered lifestyles irresistibly easy, exciting and delicious; that’s why every allplants dish is packed full of plant-based nutrition and unusual flavours, to fill you with energy while helping the planet thrive.”

Allplants meals start at £4.99 per serving, with single serve at £6.75, and are available UK-wide.

Source: Allplants 

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