B&B Studio Designs Incredible! Pasta Sauce

_452B&B Studio has worked on the naming, design and launch of a new pasta sauce range Incredible! for soupmaker Yorkshire Provender.

The consultancy was approached in January with an idea to “shake up the market,” said B&B Studio creative partner Kerry Bolt who added, “We were keen to create a whole new brand for them.”

The design combines ‘a bold name and logo’ with a collage-style design ‘to reflect the generosity of ingredients’ in each variant, says Bolt.

The collage approach is also a reflection of Yorkshire Provender owner Belinda Williams’ “knowledge of ingredients,” said Bolt.

A set of characters have been created ‘to help bring the brand’s engaging personality to life’ and to draw the consumer’s attention to the inside of packs where recipe ideas can be found, according to Bolt.

B&B Studio is now working on more packaging as the range is expanded beyond pasta sauce, to other products.

Incredible! will launch in supermarkets, beginning with a roll-out across Budgens stores this week.


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