Bespoke Stella Artois Regal Chalice Commemorates World’s Beloved “Soon-to-be-Weds”

The storied House of Stella Artois debuted its Limited-Edition Stella Artois Regal Chalice in celebration of the world’s most anticipated nuptials.

The Stella Artois Regal Chalice’s gilded design celebrates the transatlantic love story of an iconic pairing of European and American heritage – just like the brand itself – in anticipation of a wedding day that will long be remembered.

“We’re excited for the happy couple and want to mark this festive occasion with a proper toast!” said Anna Rogers, brand director, Stella Artois. “We at Stella Artois know a thing or two about hosting memorable moments big and small, so we raise a Regal Chalice in celebration.”

Crafted with an elegant gold design, the Limited-Edition Stella Artois Regal Chalice brings the fairytale story of the betrothed to life through nineteen gilded icons that hold special meaning to the happy couple.

From the social media post that sparked relationship rumours, to favourite pastimes of the couple and the storied engagement ring that made it official, the nineteen illustrations bring the epic journey of the couple to life, with the number representing their wedding date: May 19, 2018.

In an ode to this momentous date, the Stella Artois Regal Chalice is available for $5.19 here, until royal fans claim them all.

Source: Anheuser-Busch

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