Betty Crocker Unveils Vanilla Icing & Rainbow Sprinkles

20141010-Vanilla-Icing-Rainbow-Sprinkles800As the great British baking revolution continues, Betty Crocker is launching a new ‘two-in-one’ decoration solution for home bakers; indulgent vanilla icing and colourful rainbow sprinkles all in one clever package. This is the first product in the UK from Betty Crocker that offers both delicious icing and wonderful decorations together. Trust Betty Crocker to make it even easier to create beautiful and delicious cakes!

Available from the start of September, Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing with Rainbow Sprinkles is perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and any other wonderful sweet creations you can come up with!

It is convenient and easy to use, as it comes with the perfect amount of sprinkles and the divine vanilla icing is ready to be spread instantly over your cooled cake. Just pop the top open, use a rounded knife to stir, and then elegantly swirl over your Betty Crocker cake. Give your iced cake a glamorous finishing touch with rainbow sprinkles for an instant beautifying treatment!

20141010-Betty-Crocker-Rainbow-Sprinkles-Cake800As ovens are turned back on for festive baking occasions, Betty Crocker wants to provide home bakers with a new and exciting product that they can use to create bespoke and delicious cakes at home. Visit the Betty Crocker website for scrumptious recipes to try out with sprinkles, like rainbow cupcakes and rainbow sprinkles cake, and brush up on your baking skills whilst you’re there with Betty’s cake baking and decorating tips.

Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing with Rainbow Sprinkles is available in local supermarkets in the U.K. from September with a retail price of £2.85.

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