BKWLD’s App for Wine Lovers

BKWLD has launched VNTG; a unique, simplified approach to wine cellaring apps, meant to catalogue the wines you have and let you know when to drink them. It’s an app driven by data, design and a love of wine.

Development Director, Aaron Nunley, and Technical Director, Justin Jewett, partnered with VNTG’s visionary and designer Ed O’Brien to bring the app to life.

“We saw a need for a wine app that was actually about the wine itself,” says O’Brien.

Sarah Spitler, VNTG’s UX guru, continues: “Our app is not an ad platform disguised as a tool, and it’s not just technology for technology’s sake. The fact that VNTG practically utilizes the massive amount of research and data building that Jeremy (Armstrong, VNTG’s wine specialist) did is truly unique. We’re wine lovers, and we built a wine app we wanted to use.”

VNTG“Special effort was made to ensure that entering wines into your cellar is a painless and efficient process, keeping every bottle perfectly catalogued so that you can view it in any way you like – filtering and sorting by country, by price, by varietal and more,” explains Nunley.

“The real kicker is in the suggested drinking window (dates that a wine should be really showing its stuff) which is calculated based on the actual bottle’s data and details. And of course, as each winemaker and vintage is unique, all of this info is fully customizable should you choose,” adds Jewett.

It’s simply a well-designed way to keep track of your wines, see which are ready to drink, and which might benefit from a little bottle age. And it works entirely offline, so that shaky connections are never an issue.

VNTG soft-launched two-weeks ago and has already hit Apple’s featured Food & Drink section of the App Store.

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