BrandOpus Rebrands Food Service Supplier Brakes

brakes-log_660BrandOpus has created new branding for food service supplier Brakes.

Brakes supplies the foodservice industry in the UK, Ireland, France and Sweden, and has worked with BrandOpus since 2011.

BrandOpus was briefed to create new branding that would change the perception of Brakes as a frozen food company and distinguish the company from its rivals.

The consultancy says the new identity aims to reflect the brand’s ‘dedication to quality and service’, and comes about following the appointment of a new senior leadership team at Brakes.

BrandOpus says the new identity looks to reflect Brakes’ ‘company mission’, which puts its staff and ‘food expertise’ at the core of the business.

The designs feature a burning fire graphic with a hand at each side. According to BrandOpus, the fire ‘represents the constant need to service the customers’ catering business’, while the hands ‘represent the dedication of the Brakes people to tend to this fire’.

Nir Wegrzyn, BrandOpus chief executive, says, ‘The creation of the new identity gives Brakes the ability to act and behave like a brand. The output of our work with the company gives Brakes a frame through which their customers can view them as a value-carrying organisation, rather than just another food service provider.

‘It creates a relationship with the customer which is a level above buying and selling products’.

The new identity is rolling out now, and will be shown across signage, stationery, logistics transportation and other touchpoints.

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