Brisk Iced Tea and Michael B. Jordan Team to Launch Creators Class Program

Brisk, the iced tea brand known for its bold flavours, announced the launch of the Creators Class program in partnership with actor, director and creative innovator Michael B. Jordan.

The Creators Class is a collective of industry leaders partnered with up-and-coming creative visionaries in the Urban Arts for mentorship and collaboration opportunities.

Together, they will develop and launch three projects in 2018, providing young creators across film, visual arts and writing a chance to work with established members to gain real industry experience and exposure.

“Brisk encourages the same boldness and creativity that I strive for in my work and with my production company, Outlier Society,” said Michael B. Jordan. “That’s why I’m honoured to be a part of the Creators Class and offer up-and-coming hustlers the opportunity to work on this special Outlier Society project.”

In addition to his role in the Creators Class, Brisk also tapped Michael B. Jordan to direct, produce and star in a digital content piece that celebrates the creative hustle by highlighting his process for transforming into Erik Killmonger, a character from Marvel Studios’ Black Panther. As a partner on the upcoming release, Brisk is thrilled to celebrate this amazing moment in cinematic and superhero history.

“Over the years, we’ve teamed up with and supported various talented artists who share that same passion and bold, daring attitude,” said Melanie Watts, Director of Marketing, Brisk. “That’s why we partnered with Marvel Studios’ Black Panther and have invited some of the creative minds behind the film to join the Creators Class. Together, we will empower aspiring creators in the urban arts by providing real opportunities, mentorship and game changing industry exposure.”

To celebrate the launch of the Creators Class and partnership with Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, Brisk will host an exclusive event experience for Black Panther fans February 16-17, during NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. The event design is inspired by the clandestine nature of Black Panther’s Wakanda and will feature interactive Marvel-inspired installations.

The space will also showcase the launch of nine brand new Brisk label graphics, created by up-and-coming artists in partnership with Brisk to kick-off the Creators Class program. The new designs will roll-out across all Brisk packages, including 1L bottles, 12pk cans, and 2L bottles US-wide starting in February.

“The goals of the Creators Class initiative are very much aligned with the spirit of our movie,” said Mindy Hamilton, Marvel’s SVP of Global Partnerships & Marketing. “We’re ecstatic to share Black Panther’s story with the world and to partner with Brisk so that the film’s release can serve as a catalyst for bringing new artistic visions/voices to light.”

Source: PepsiCo

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