BTL Brands Powers up New Protein Brand C2

BTL Brands, the independent branding agency for startups, has launched Chapter 2 (C2), a new wellness and protein brand, in France.

The brand concept is born from the founder’s next chapter in his career, from having built a small empire of six gyms in Nimes, France.

From creating the brand name and personality, to building the brand strategy and applying the new brand to website, social, packaging and point of sale, BTL Brands has launched C2 into the French health and fitness market.

The new brand is a more natural and stylish than most of the other artificial and neon protein products found within the market. C2 is a new, approachable brand that looks and feels different, with great tasting products.

The backdrop of the protein industry features masculine tonality, big plastic tubs of spiked protein featuring chemical sweeteners and flavours with promises of fast results. The genesis of C2 originates from the need to create a set of protein products designed for regular people who want to keep fit but are not hard-core gym users.

C2 has ambitions to expand abroad to other countries in Europe.

Bastien Bouisset, Founder of C2, said: “C2 is the direct result of my gyms’ clients needs. Countless people kept asking us to recommend good protein products to help their workout regimes that were not full of nasty chemicals and tasted good. We didn’t have an answer so we took it into our own hands. It’s thanks to BTL Brands’ creative prowess that we landed on a high quality brand to take us to market. This is only the beginning of a high impact journey with the agency.”

Stuart Lewin, Founder of BTL Brands, said: “C2 is designed for the regular person who wants to keep fit but not get ‘ripped’. We developed the tone of voice and visual language in a response to this intimidating universe. We’ve created a desirable brand that speaks to the consumer’s need for high quality and reliability. It’s simple, clean, natural, human and accessible. C2 is in a strong position to champion the consumer who is looking to go on a journey with a brand that has their interests at heart. We’re excited to see where the first chapter of their path takes them.”

Source: BTL Brands

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