Budweiser Canada Pays Tribute to the ‘Home of Goals’ in Super Bowl Spot

Budweiser Canada is celebrating those who make goals possible and chronicling their story in the ad, ‘Home of Goals’, debuting this Sunday during Super Bowl XLIX. Each day, the employees of Soucy Baron in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec craft the hockey pucks that go on to become hockey’s biggest goals. Budweiser wanted to say “thank you” to the people behind the goals for all their hard work, by giving them a once-in-a-lifetime hockey experience.

The ad captured employee reaction to a surprise visit by Budweiser to the factory. Ten excited workers received Budweiser Red Lights and flew by private jet to New York. The group arrived at Nassau Coliseum to cheer on their favourite team and celebrate as their pucks became goals.

“We saw first hand the dedication this team has for making the perfect hockey puck,” said Todd Allen, Director, Budweiser Canada. “Budweiser shares a commitment to craftsmanship and a love of hockey with Soucy Baron. Coming together to celebrate our mutual passions created unforgettable moments that we’re proud to share with all Canadians. At Budweiser we love hockey, so we’re always working to elevate game time for other diehard fans – we’re passionate about goals and all the people who help make them.”

BUDWEISER - Budweiser Canada pays tribute to the 'Home of Goals'“We know that the pucks we make go on to play an important role, but to be thanked in such a big, heart-felt way by Budweiser was so unexpected and greatly appreciated,” said Martin Ranger from Soucy Baron. “The chance to see our pucks become goals in person was a moment we will never forget.”

The “thank you” isn’t over yet! Budweiser will encourage Canadians to sign pucks to create a new town sign for Saint-Jérôme –the “Home of Goals” and thank those who help make some of hockey’s most memorable moments.

The ‘Home of Goals’ ad will air during Super Bowl XLIX on February 1 and can be viewed at the link below in advance of the Sunday’s game: youtube.com/budweisercanada.

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