Buko Foods Launch Three New Flavours of Their Organic Coconut Jams

buko-foodsFollowing successful sales through Holland & Barrett, Amazon, Ocado and independent health stores, Buko Foods Ltd are excited to announce the launch of three new flavours, joining their existing range of organic coconut jams.

Made with just two natural organic ingredients, coconut nectar and coconut milk (with the addition of either sea salt or cacao), it is perhaps not surprising that the jams have caught people’s attention, with sales of coconut products still seeing dramatic growth. The original jams hit the ground running and as soon as they launched on Amazon high demand saw them sell out.

It’s the taste of the original jams (available in Original, Sea Salt and Chocolate versions) that Aled Morris, director of Buko Foods Ltd, says is the star of the show however and has seen the them flying off the shelves.

“There’s no doubt the halo effect created by coconut oil and coconut water has helped our jam sales, but irrespective of any potential health benefits it’s the taste and uniqueness of the jams which is really driving sales and which is why the next logical step for us is to expand our flavour offering.”

The range expansion involves three new flavours launching this October, in the form of Mango, Pineapple and Chilli jams. The fruit jams use real fresh fruit extract to flavour them, whilst Chilli adds heat to create a new flavour sensation that shows that it’s not just chocolate that pairs well with the fiery fruit.

Source: Buko Foods Ltd

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