Burger King asserts “The Most Important Meal of the Night” in campaign with DAVID New York

The print and outdoor campaign celebrating breakfast will run in Latin America

While breakfast is touted as “the most important meal to start the day,” Burger King is flipping that notion on its head to showcase how sweet breakfast is toend your night too. “Late Breakfast” by DAVID New York centers on a long-held tradition of many party-goers and night owls, grubbing on burgers and sandwiches after a late night out, but this time for breakfast.

The campaign by DAVID New York promotes the chain’s breakfast offerings, a meal that can be enjoyed in many markets from 6 AM to 10 AM. From a group of festival goers to wedding guests, “Late Breakfast” depicts real and authentic situations of all nighters that end with Burger King breakfast in the early morning.

“In advertising, we have heard a thousand times that breakfast is an important start to the day. What we have not heard until now is that it can also be the best way to end a day. Something that naturally happens in many Burger King restaurants around the world when the sun is about to rise”, says Andre Toledo, CCO at DAVID New York.

The print and outdoor campaign by DAVID New York will run in Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

Source: DAVID New York

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