ButterflyCannon Create Lively New Protein Brand For Walgreens Boots

ButterflyCannon have created the brand positioning, identity, naming and packaging design for Walgreens Boots Alliance’s new wellness range, a collection of three protein powders that are both disruptive whilst feeling approachable and deliciously healthy.

The brand is targeted at women under 30 looking to live well and tone up, aiming to attract health-conscious women rather than the fitness fanatics. The MBody consumer is active on social media, following influencers and sharing experiences and finds with friends. Instagram-friendly packaging was a must to help spread the word.

It was obvious from the start that the current brands on offer tended to communicate an intimidating, overly masculine aesthetic which didn’t appeal to the needs of our less obsessed consumer.

Anna Lamburn, Senior Designer at ButterflyCannon adds, “Women consider wellness to be a combination of exercise, nutrition, mental wellness and health, so it was important our brand felt like it could fit into this mindset, and not push scientific results or the performance enhancement angle.”

Tapping into the trend of colourful eating and celebrating healthy foods, the design shows an abundance of healthy ingredients coming together on pack. The illustration style feels natural, healthy, fresh and delicious, reflecting the brand truth of real ingredients rather than artificial flavourings.

The natural illustration style is balanced with the introduction of a central panel on pack to deliver clear, concise information to the consumer. The aim was to strip away copy and keep it simple and understandable to offer a nice balance of naturalness vs. benefits.

The brand name was born from the idea of holistic health and wellbeing. The MBody consumer is in touch with her health and her body, and feels in charge of her diet choices and fitness regime. Mbody felt like a perfect way to capture this idea, and gave us an opportunity for an ownable and distinct wordmark.

Jon Davies, Creative Director at ButterflyCannon, said “We love creating brands from the ground up, it challenges us to think both creatively and commercially. MBody was a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate our approach in building successful brands.”

Emma Godman, Marketing Manager at Walgreens Boots Alliance adds, “The ButterflyCannon team brought great consumer understanding to the project to create a beautiful, modern design that has tested really positively with our target consumer.”

Source: ButterflyCannon

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