ButterflyCannon Creates ‘Very Special’ Gift Packs For Hennessy

GIFT_BOX_FD NOIR_RVBFollowing ButterflyCannon’s striking packaging redesign for Hennessy Very Special, this new look needed to be customised for the more relaxed and celebratory Festive gift packaging.

ButterflyCannon’s approach was to maintain the core of the redesign whilst embellishing it with a bit of sparkle, holly and stars mixed with the emblematic vines.

The Hennessy bow was untied and the festivities released to float around the packs. The ribbons acting like party streamers entwining themselves onto the bold side panel logos.

All the sensory and luxury codes were kept to ensure the packs didn’t feel devalued by this more playful approach to the design.

‘”It was essential that we maintained the recognition of the packaging identity as it had only recently been launched however we also wanted to give the packaging a bit more exuberance and party attitude. The untying of the bow to release the holly and sparkles seemed like the perfect metaphor for this festive fun,” said Jon Davies, Creative Director at ButterflyCannon.

The design extends across the carton and two gifts packs, one containing glasses and the other a miniature bottle of Hennessy Black (US market only).

The new packs are available globally as from October 2014.

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