Calais Wine Calculator Highlights the Cost Saving Benefits of the Booze Cruise

Fuel-Savings-Calculator-1Calais Wine, the largest dedicated wine warehouse in Calais, has created an online calculator showing people how much they need to buy to cover the fuel costs of their trip to Calais with wine savings on UK supermarket prices.

The calculator asks people to enter their postcode, the current price of petrol and the average MPG that they can achieve in their car. It then calculates the distance and the fuel cost of the trip, before showcasing how many bottles of wine they’d need to buy to cover those costs with savings.

The savings are based on an average of £4 a bottle, which is what ‘booze cruisers’ can expect to save by crossing the channel. This is thanks to the fact that duty on still wine is more than 100 times higher in Britain than in France, as well as the favourable exchange rate.

The tool was created to demonstrate that the more you spend, the more you save when you cross the channel. Whether you’re buying for a wedding, stocking up for the festive season or for the office Christmas party, now is the perfect time to make huge savings by visiting the Calais Wine Superstore.

Fuel-Savings-Calculator-2Commenting on the calculator Simon Delannoy, owner of Calais Wine said: “We are hoping this calculator reinforces to people just how substantial the savings are by shopping for your wine and other alcohol in Calais. Not only that, but we wanted to illustrate that it doesn’t take a lot to cover your travel costs – once you’ve covered the fuel costs the trip begins to pay for itself. Especially when you consider we pay for the Ferry or tunnel ticket once a customer meets minimum spend requirements.”

“We can’t ignore the news that has surrounded Calais throughout the summer, but situation has changed. The measures put in place have worked and transport is back to normal – all people have to do is go and look at our page on to see what out customers think. So whether you’re strapped for cash this Christmas, or just a savvy shopper, now is a great time to come and visit us at the Calais Wine Superstore, stock up and save a fortune,” added Simon.

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