Campari Presents The 2014 Art Labels

71400517-BottlesWhiteBack-originalCampari presents the new Art Labels limited edition, a modern reinterpretation of a number of works by Fortunato Depero, one of the most representative artists of the Futurist movement who had a long association with Campari.

Three collectible labels are the protagonists of the Campari limited edition and summarize three moments strongly related to the optimal consumption of the product: the preparation of a perfect cocktail, the pleasure of enjoying a Campari and its tasting.

71400517-GreenLabel-originalThe first label was inspired by a black and white ink sketch made on paper in 1928. It was a graphic study made for Campari, closely recalling aperitif time, revisited and re-colored, presented on a green background with the color red in strong evidence.

The second label on a yellow background depicts a collage dating back to 1927. The image takes up a sketch, the original of which is kept in the archive of the Galleria Campari collection, created by the artist with colored pencils. It represents the pleasure and passion of enjoying a Campari: the most evident detail of the portrayed character is his heart, which is colored as the liquid in the glass.

71400517-PurpleLabel-originalThe third Art Label, which completes the collection, on a purple background, the only one already created in color, is a 1928 illustration created by Depero with the collage technique. The work depicts the iconic little man of Depero during the tasting of a Campari. The combination of colors has a particular impact and is also emphasized by the red liquid of the product.

71400517-YellowLabel-originalAndrea Conzonato, Chief Marketing Officer, Gruppo Campari, commented: “The new Art Labels want to be a tribute to a great artist, Fortunato Depero, who worked extensively with Campari and produced truly unique works of art, connected with the brand by an unbreakable bond. Much of the artist’s production is kept at the Galleria Campari collection and is a piece of art history and of the company’s communications. The aim is to pay homage to the brand’s tradition and celebrate it in a new and original way by reinterpreting an art movement that still today is contemporary and very modern. Thus, Campari wants to present its consumers with a special collection that is a testimony to the strong innovative nature of the brand”.

The Campari Art Labels will initially be available in Italy from May 2014 and in the rest of the world thereafter.

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