Campbell’s & BBDO New York Launch New Star Wars-Themed Ad

Campbell Soup Company has launched a new Star Wars-inspired ad that spotlights the famous “I am your father” quote by Darth Vader.

The spot, made by BBDO New York, features a gay couple feeding their multiracial son Campbell soup before ending with the tagline “Made for real, real life”.

campbellsYin Woon Rani, Vice president of marketing activation at Campbell Soup Company, explained in a statement: “We wanted to show actual families, which means families of different configurations, cultures, races and life choices. The American family is changing faster than at any time in recent history and it is now a true mosaic of shapes and sizes, all bonded through love, and love of good food.”

Unsurprisingly, the 40-second short has heated up the video’s comments section on YouTube.

While some are supportive of Campbell’s stance with regards to diversity and freedom to love, some have voiced their disdain for the commercial and the brand.

Another brand that was also thrown into the spotlight recently is Doritos. It came under fire after launching its ‘Rainbow chips’ to raise awareness about the high suicide rate among LGBT youth due to feelings of rejection and discrimination.

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