Canadian Fans Take Centre Stage in Celebrating 50 Years of Nutella

storie-visu-1To mark World Nutella Day, Ferrero Canada invites Canadians to join in the global festivities celebrating Nutella’s 50th birthday. The global campaign is the first of its kind for the company.

Nutella fans around the world are being asked to share their own personal Nutella stories online at in the form of text postings, photos or videos. Canadians can also enter for a chance to win a $10,000 trip to Italy and can send a Nutella sample to someone they love.

“Canadians love Nutella so when it came to celebrating our 50th anniversary, we really wanted to share the love,” said Laura MacCarthy, Group Brand Director for Ferrero Canada. “This campaign is all about giving back to the fans and celebrating their stories over the past 50 years.”

Nutella – 50 Years Full of Stories

Everyday hero, faithful companion, breakfast enabler: Nutella is all that and much more to its fans. Nutella has been writing history for five decades now. Often it’s the emotional experiences that people associate with Nutella. In many parts of the world, Nutella is a loved brand, it is a key part of breakfast, and its fan base is growing constantly. Reason enough for the brand to go on an extensive search and collect unique, moving and inspiring anecdotes from all over the world.

As a culmination, the international anniversary campaign concludes on May 18, 2014 with a birthday event for the fans in selected countries throughout the world, including Canada, to celebrate the brand together with its friends.

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