CAUTION: Eating A Milky Way Could Be Distracting

Tattoo artists, lumberjacks and ship captains may not seem like they have much in common…yet they all fall prey to a deliciously engaging Milky Way Bar.

Mars Chocolate North America unveiled a new 15-second television spot as part of the “Sorry I Was Eating a Milky Way” campaign. The brand is returning to TV advertising for its core product for the first time in six years, with an extension of the popular print and digital “Sorry” campaign that originally launched in late 2012.

Three video spots in total were created by DDB Chicago, and position the delicious combination of caramel, chocolate and nougat found in a Milky Way Bar as the ultimate distraction. The videos feature traditionally detail-focused professionals, like hair stylists, tattoo artists and ship captains, making comical mistakes while they’re engrossed in enjoying their Milky Way Bar.

“We’re very excited to bring this powerful creative and overall campaign messaging to life in our return to television,” said Allison Miazga-Bedrick, Director, Milky Way Brand. “The new videos really capture the fully involved experience of eating a Milky Way, so much so that all other details of the world around you no longer matter at that moment.”

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