Cheeky Egg Packaging Shows A Hen ‘Laying’ Fresh Eggs

Just Laid1UK brand design consultant Springetts was tasked to come up with a packaging design concept that would highlight the freshness of locally-produced free range eggs.

Just Laid2They created a cheeky brand name called ‘Just Laid’, suggesting the idea of freshly laid eggs straight from the hen, which was creatively reinforced by three different expressive hen caricatures sitting on an exposed egg from the carton.

Just Laid3Springetts commented: “The Just Laid concept uses standard egg box packaging in a unique way that allows the consumers to interact with the pack and design. To further highlight the freshly laid concept, the fastening on the box becomes a representation of the egg itself, allowing consumers to connect with the natural process of the eggs ‘being laid’!”

Just Laid4“This concept has won a gold Pentaward and also a special HAHAHA Lars Wallentin award for the most fun package across all categories, in this years Pentawards 2014 competition,” added Springetts.

Just Laid5

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