CLM BBDO Parties Hard in Fun-fuelled Campaign for Tuborg

b8406d18-987f-473e-b2b2-34d108b77e82.HRColored Caps is the starting point for the campaign that sees the iconic Tuborg bottle as it’s never been seen before. The caps will come alive in 5 new colors, where each color is tied to a particular mood and set to be a trigger for having fun.

Inviting people to Play, Feel, Dance and Share. The new campaign by CLM BBDO, will see the colors used in numerous creative ways from unexpected events to artistic interventions in bars and supermarkets.

The center of the launch of the new campaign is a film that aims to inspire people to live more colorful. A story that begins with the question “What happens when
3 friends tell their boss 
about last night.”

The story that has been dubbed “Last Night,” follows three friends through a thrilling and unexpected fun journey into the night, culminating in the ending scene on a beautiful beach the morning after.

e103882e-6923-4796-8214-eb288faaa5ce.HR“Last Night” is a celebration of young people having fun together. Coming to live in an explosion of colors, fun and humor. The story demonstrates how Tuborg always aspire to bring colors of fun to people.

In social media the #TuborgColors campaign will be fueled by a fun and engaging community management program centered on the “The Color Challenges,” where local countries will run contests around each of the colored caps and what they talk about in regards to Sing, Dance, Play, Share & Feel.

Just imagine a “Sing challenge” like #ReplaceASongTitleWithGoat who said: ”Who let the goat out.”

The #TuborgColors themes & colors are #SHARETUBORG (Blue), #SINGTUBORG (Red) #PLAYTUBORG (Orange) #DANCETUBORG (Yellow) & #FEELTUBORG (Green).

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