Coca-Cola Puts A Bromance To The Test In Wonderfully Directed Indie-Style Short

Coca-Cola’s recent addition to its Latin America ‘Crossroads’ campaign—aimed at encouraging youths to be kind and compassionate toward others—is this seven-minute film titled ‘The Text’, directed by LGBT advocate Dustin Lance Black.

In the film, best friends ‘Rafael’ and ‘Diego’ go about regular activities boys their age do—they play video games, talk about girls and poke fun at one another.

‘Rafael’, however, is hiding a secret from ‘Diego’—he’s gay.

Meanwhile ‘Diego’ gets the impression that ‘Rafael’ is frequently interacting with a girl that he likes from school.

The pinnacle in the film comes when ‘Diego’ chances upon an enlightening text on his best friend’s phone. How he decides to react will ultimately affect the future of their friendship.

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