COCOZIA Coconut Water Splashes Onto Earth Origins Market Shelves

cocoziaCOCOZIA, the fast-rising name in coconut water market, is expanding its reach onto Earth Origins Market, creating a perfect match for the health conscious, earth-friendly neighborhood market. Earth Origins Market customers will now be able to experience how pure and delicious organic coconut water can be.

Since its launch in 2013 COCOZIA Organic Coconut Water has been spreading its message to stay hydrated and refreshed naturally. Clear, with no sugar and artificial flavors, COCOZIA is fresh, pure coconut water from inside young green coconuts.

“We are excited to partner with Earth Origins Market, a company that continues to serve its health conscious customers with natural and organic products,” said Paul Kilbride, VP of Sales. “We look forward to helping Earth Origins Market promote well-being and wellness for its customers and local communities.”

“Both naturally refreshing and delicious, COCOZIA is made from organic young green coconuts that helps keep the body hydrated,” said Paul. “Our coconut water is not from concentrate and nothing is added, which is very important to Earth Origins Market customers. Plus, it’s also Certified Organic and very affordable.”

earth-originsAccording to Paul Kilbride’s words, COCOZIA is made from the best-tasting coconuts in the world, which are sourced from the Philippines.

The availability of COCOZIA in Earth Origins Markets is part of the ongoing distribution effort by Epicurex LLC, manufacturer of the coconut water. Earth Origins Market’s commitment to serve local communities can be seen with its wide selection of quality organic products and produce.

The partnership with Earth Origins Market is a win-win for consumers looking for a natural, organic beverage.

Across the east coast, COCOZIA is already being sold at Walgreens, Whole Foods, Sedano’s and other food retailers and cafes. COCOZIA is also available on

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