Coley Porter Bell Updates Chivas 12 Years Old Packaging

c2Luxury whisky Chivas Regal has unveiled a contemporary new design for Chivas 12 Years Old in a bid to reinforce the brand’s craftsmanship, luxury and heritage.

Created by Coley Porter Bell, the new design retains its round generous shape with the bottle’s shoulders raised higher. The brand signifier, based on a Celtic lukenbooth, has been made more prominent with the signatures of founders James and John Chivas added to the glass to display the value of brotherhood at the heart of the brand.

“The new design successfully demonstrates Chivas Regal’s ability to carry forward years of brand heritage and craftsmanship in a way that is appealing to modern whisky drinkers,” said international brand director for Chivas Regal, Richard Black, “For many, Chivas Regal 12 Year Old acts as an entry point to the brand so it is a tremendous opportunity for us to grab their attention.”

c1Richard Clayton, creative director, Coley Porter Bell, added: “Our task was two-fold: to develop and build the many iconic Chivas equities to make them work harder whilst ensuring a connection to what had gone before – it still had to be recognisably Chivas 12; and also attract the new ‘modern gentlemen’ to the brand.

“The overall design is fresher, brighter, and more dynamic and the detailing, such as mixing finishes and textures adds depth, layering and a true sense of quality craftsmanship.”

Coley Porter Bell has also re-designed the outer carton which retains the icons that hold meaning and provenance to the brand’s heritage.

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