Coly Porter Bell Gives Hula Hoops a Fresh Look

6ade88a8-ce75-4c83-b908-558ba687046fKP Snacks, one of the UK’s biggest snacks manufacturers has announced the launch of Hula Hoops Puft, a light and crispy, hooped snack that is a new addition to its classic snacks range. The pack design has been developed by award-winning strategic branding consultancy, Coley Porter Bell.

Hula Hoops Puft will provide consumers with a lighter version of Hula Hoops that offers consumers even more snacking variety. The new range is scheduled to rollout over the coming weeks across the UK. Coley Porter Bell has developed the design which clearly communicates the lighter, crispier benefits along with the fun and great taste of the new product, while setting the range apart from the core Hula Hoops brand. Quantitative research indicates purchases of Puft would help bring incrementality to the category1 so it’s expected to be a hit with the shoppers.

“It was important to retain a strong sub-range relationship with the core brand through a prominence of the logo, colour palette and personality. We dialled up the unique product differences with a light and airy typeface, crispy holding device and enticing product visuals to make sure people know this is something new from the brand,” said Stephen Bell, Executive Creative Director at Coley Porter Bell.

B7OoPSdIMAATm3QGeorge Johnson, Marketing Director at KP Snacks added: “Hula Hoops is an iconic family favourite and we are extremely excited to grow this further with an all-new concept. Hula Hoops Puft will bring to life the fun element of the brand, whilst engaging with those in search of a lighter snack. Innovation is incredibly important for our future product development and Hula Hoops Puft is a perfect example of this.”

First launched 40 years ago, Hula Hoops remains a favourite with British snackers and today is the UK’s number one fun to eat snack. Coley Porter Bell continues to work with KP Snacks on brands including KP Nuts, McCoys and Penn State.

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