Conran Design Group re-energises a brand used by generations of mums

Cow and Gate Simply A2 is a first for the UK market: a range of formula milk made with milk sourced from cows that naturally produce A2 protein milk. The new range is priced at a premium, expanding a brand with over 100 years of experience.

A2 protein milk is shaking up the formula milk market and has already had great success in Australia and New Zealand. A1 and A2 beta-casein is one of the key types of protein found in cow’s milk, and typical cows milk contains both A1 and A2 beta-casein. What makes A2 protein milk different is that it’s specially sourced from cows that naturally produce only A2 beta-casein protein in their milk. Demand for A2 protein milk is growing and so it was important that the range design set the standard for this innovative product offering.

Conran Design Group were appointed to design the Simply A2 range made with A2 protein milk, which needed to work alongside the Cow and Gate core range on-shelf but with enough differentiation to highlight the uniqueness of Simply A2. Key to the design solution was balancing the needs of Cow & Gate brand loyalists as well as appealing to the next generation of British parents.

What has been created is a simple, pure and fun product world to reflect Cow and Gate’s more premium sub-range offer. Maren Steffans, Creative Director at Conran Design Group commented “to solve the creative challenge, we needed to reflect the uniqueness of the Simply A2 sub range whilst keeping the connection to everything Cow & Gate stands for as a brand, from their playfulness to their years of nutritional expertise. We created a unique set of animal characters who play an active role on the pack, expressing the relevance of the product to the baby’s life-stage”. 

The endorsement logo was modernised. Applied on pack it emphasises the connection to the 100-year history of the brand, adding reassurance for the audience. To create a natural and premium feel, pastel colours were introduced, further supported by a water-coloured illustrated brand world and animal characters.

Cow & Gate

Stephanie Dawson, Senior Brand Manager at Cow & Gate Milks, said “the team at Conran Design Group were able to unpack a challenging brief to bring the Simply A2 made with A2 protein milk concept to life. They bought the perfect balance of strategic input and quality design and the result is a beautiful and distinctive sub-brand identity which re-energises the Cow & Gate brand and got us to exactly where we need to be”.

Source: Conran Design Group

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