Corona Extra’s ‘O Tannenpalm’ Holiday Ad Celebrates 25 Years

This holiday season, viewers across America will see the familiar sight of a single palm tree decorated with colorful Christmas lights for the 25th consecutive year. The iconic Corona Extra holiday commercial, ‘O Tannenpalm,’ is the beer industry’s longest continually running TV spot and one of the longest-running holiday advertisements of all time.

The 30-second spot opens with a tropical scene at nightfall – tall palm trees along the shore paint a picture of seaside serenity. Crickets, frogs and birds offer a soundtrack to a sleepy evening on the water. The moon and cabana are the only light sources until someone off screen begins to whistle the traditional Christmas song, ‘O Tannenbaum,’ and suddenly, as though someone in the cabana flips a switch, one of the palm trees is illuminated in vibrant, colorful lights.

Text on screen appears wishing viewers ‘Feliz Navidad,’ and the scene fades out. No actors, dialogue, voiceover or product. For a quarter of a century, the success of this beloved ad has relied purely on the viewer’s connection to Corona Extra’s beach state of mind and the passport to carefree enjoyment – a mindset particularly cherished during the busy holiday season.

The spot has run annually from Thanksgiving through the New Year since first airing in November of 1990. To celebrate the anniversary, Corona Extra – the nation’s No. 1 imported beer – is revealing details never before shared with its fans about this treasured holiday advertisement in a special behind-the-scenes video featuring the original creative director, the story of the original pitch, and on-set secrets.

“When you open a bottle of Corona, you’re instantly transported to a place like the setting of ‘O Tannenpalm.’ But that type of brand connection can’t happen overnight – it’s built over time with consistency and authenticity,” said Jim Sabia, Chief Marketing Officer for Constellation Brand’s Beer Division – the exclusive brewer, marketer and supplier of Corona Extra for the United States.

“This spot is really a testament to that foundation our marketing team began building nearly three decades ago. We’ve stayed the course, and we are so honored this ad has been a small part of Americans’ holiday traditions for the past 25 years and will be for many more to come.”

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