Cow & Gate, the iconic baby feeding brand, today announces the launch of its new advertising campaign, spearheaded by a category defining TV ad, ‘Supergroup’. The campaign and strategy is devised by BETC London.

The campaign launches the brand’s point of view that, beyond developmental milestones, what matters most about the early years is the nurturing of little individuals and ultimately ‘feeding their personalities’. This theme is set to run through a series of through the line activity for the brand and its services.

Andrew Stirk, Head of Planning, BETC London adds: “The exciting opportunity strategically was to work with Cow & Gate to redefine the category and the contribution the brand seeks to make, not just through its products but its wide range of services.”

The ‘Feed Their Personalities’ philosophy is at the heart of the campaign launch TV spot for the, Supergroup, where a group of curious little ones were set free to explore a music recording studio. RSA director Jim Field Smith – whose previous work includes feature film Butter and TV series Episodes – describes the shoot as being like a ‘wildlife documentary’, with two cameras rolling as the toddlers did their thing: pressing buttons, banging instruments, plucking guitars, dancing, and playing.

Thanks to the miracles of the edit suite, out of the midst of this cacophony, a tune emerges. Using only footage captured on camera, during the shoot, a familiar bass line, a snippet of melody and a determined rhythm are revealed. As their personalities grow and start to shine through, so too do their individual talents work together until it’s clear that the band of toddlers is playing a cover of Dexys Midnight Runners’ ‘Come On Eileen’.

RSA Director Jim Field Smith comments “This was a rare opportunity to create a smart, mischievous film that you don’t really associate with other competing brands. Above all, I wanted to keep everything real and grounded, without using CG or any other tricks, and to search far and wide for the right mix of little personalities.”

Supergroup is the first execution under the new ‘Feed Their Personalities’ campaign. The advert will launch with a 40” version on Tuesday 9th October in a hero media slot, with a 30” version to follow and a two minute extended advert launching in cinema and available on YouTube. Further TV, print and digital campaign activity is scheduled for late October.

BETC London won the business in April 2012 with the brief to redefine the Cow & Gate brand strategy, informing activity across all its key products and services

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