Dairy Trends with UK’s First Fresh Yoghurt Bar, Mandira London

Mandira London, the UK’s first fresh yoghurt bar found a gap in the market for on-the-go fresh yoghurt bowls, inspired by European cuisine.

Launched earlier this year, by Deyvi Sidi-Sarfati and Georg Keller, Mandira London is the first of its kind to open in the city, bringing with it a Mediterranean twist on how we usually eat this dairy delight. Combining the finest natural Greek yoghurt with a selection of sweet and savoury ‘fillings’, each dish prepped on site daily, the bar offers the nation’s favourite yoghurt like you have never seen before.

Once reserved for dessert only, an exclusive savoury yoghurt menu is presented, including combinations of Hummus & Za’atar, Cucumber & Mint and Aubergine Puree & Tomato. Each serving is seasoned with a blend of fresh herbs and spices to bring an authentic European flavour to every bowl.

For those with a sweet tooth, more traditional pairings can be found such as, Granola & Strawberry, Blueberry & Green Apple and Mango & Pineapple. All come topped with either Honey or Agave Maple Syrup and garnished with Fresh Mint, Star Anise or Chia Seeds.

Low in fat and packed with a multitude of vitamins and nutrients, all vital for maintaining a balanced lifestyle, Mandira London predict their Eastern European favourite, Forman’s Smoked Salmon & Dill will be the choice du jour for AW17.

Not only full of probiotics, Mandira yoghurt is also packed with essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins B1, B2, B7 & K, complete proteins, phosphorous and healthy yeast. Add to this one of the many healthy ‘filling’ choices and you have a bowl of pure elixir for both your body and your skin. Full of goodness, with strained yoghurt typically lower in carbohydrates and sodium too – meaning less lactose, Mandira London also offer a low-fat option for those wanting to reap the health and beauty benefits with minimal calories.

In addition to the fresh yoghurt bowls, Julius Meinl coffee is offered along with a homemade hearty soup of the day, fresh juice and sandwiches served on traditional Turkish simit bread.


Source: Mandira London

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