DECIDE. Designs New Range of Cat Food For Butcher’s Pet Care

Butchers Meaty Wrap_CanCreative agency DECIDE. have revamp the branding of Butcher’s Pet Care‘s cat food range. The brief asked DECIDE. to target owners of healthy, active cats with an outdoor lifestyle.

The objective of the new range was to build the credibility of the Butcher’s ‘Cat’ proposition, be disruptive within the category and be mind-opening for cat owners, whilst synergising with the existing product ranges from Butcher’s.

Grant Marshall, Creative Director commented that this Butchers “Really…” range that DECIDE. has designed is the first NPD in the canned cat food category in 11 years.

Each range features a different cat and sub-range colour coding on the graphic panels to enhance visual differentiation and aid shopper navigation at fixture.

Butchers Fishy Wrap_CanThe hero cats have been selected so that they stand apart from the breeds of cat employed by other leading brands. Each cat appears twice on each design, appearing on the roof of the garden shed (to imply the active adventures of the outdoor cat) and also in the foreground of the pack, where it ‘steps’ over the graphic border of the pack, effectively ‘breaking the third wall’ and stepping out of the picture towards the shopper, as if crossing the threshold of the shopper’s home (implying that even the most adventurous cat will want to return home to enjoy Butcher’s – and of course precious time with its owner).

To communicate taste appeal, the range is named ‘Really Fishy’ and ‘Really Meaty’  (to clearly differentiate between ranges) and is supported with a ‘thought cloud’ graphic message “Purr-fectly Delicious!” positioned close to the hero cat in each range and ‘delicious’ descriptors included as a pre-fix to all flavour variant descriptors.

The new range can be bought at Asda and Morrisons.

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