Deuce Studio Help Rebrand Gr8nola’s All Natural Granola Products

The founder of Gr8nola, Erica Liu Williams, wanted to take her business to the next level and approached design house Deuce Studio, to rebrand her all natural granola product. She wanted to challenge the market and offer a tasty product packed full of healthy benefits that you could enjoy any time of the day, a 24/7 snack inspired by her annual Super Bowl cleanse.

Deuce Studio created the new brand identity and packaging system based around the number 8, a key visual device to help Gr8nola stand out and be remembered on the shelf. The visual style is simple and bold, reflecting the ‘Delicious & Clean’ ingredients and their benefits. The playful and empowering tone of voice reinforces Gr8nola’s core beliefs; that you can do anything that you put your mind to and being healthy should be one of those goals.

“As with all of Deuce Studio’s projects we begin with brand strategy and market research to help the client understand their vision for the brand and steer them in the right direction,” revealedDeuce Studio’s managing director, Jonny Aldrich. “We found that the granola market in US was very crowded with multiple brands all looking and talking very similarly, claiming 100% natural and not much else. We wanted to cut through the noise and flip the market on its head.”

First, was the all purple brand blocking, no one in the granola sector was using this and the design house decided to take full advantage to really stand out on the shelf next to all the shades of beige and white. They also went for an extra large window to really show off the ‘Delicious & Clean’ granola, when combined with a new tone of voice helped to elevate Gr8nola above the competition and tell their story to the world.

“We wanted the brand to also be memorable therefore the outcome required the utilisation of space with a few big, attention-grabbing elements, such as the logo, the clear window and a large 8 device derived from the brand name, while being unfussy and simple in their approach,” according to creative director Rich Patrick.

Gr8nola announced their new identity and packaging via social media on August 1st, 2017 to great reactions from their followers and a large boost in revenue across their website and amazon shop.

Erica the founder of Gr8nola was extremely pleased with the rebrand and hopes to take the new brand to retail across the US.

“Working with Deuce Studio has been amazing. Super communicative, timely, thoughtful and always providing an expert and fresh perspective. I really appreciate how the team has really pushed me to think about my brand and drive me towards better design decisions. Definitely a key partner in the process of branding and design!”

Source: Deuce Studio

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