Dixie Builds Diners in Dead Zones to Help Friends & Families Reconnect

Dixie, a Georgia-Pacific brand and the leader in disposable tableware, launched Deadzone Diners, a campaign inspiring people to disconnect from their mobile devices and connect over a meal.  The initiative will transform the negative perception of cellular dead zones into unique opportunities for people to “Be More Here.”

dixie-deadzone-hed-2016The campaign by Droga5 New York, comes to life August 26-28 in Los Angeles when Dixie opens up Deadzone Diners, pop-up restaurants in locations with no cell service. The Deadzone Diners will feature free food (first come, first served!), meaningful conversation, Dixie products and an ambience that is distraction free. Dixie is also encouraging families everywhere to establish Deadzone Diners in their homes and is providing quick-and-easy recipes and fun tips at Dixie.com on creative ways to ditch your phone during mealtime.

“Cellular dead zones have historically contributed to moments of frustration for all of us, but we wanted to celebrate their ability to bring people together and foster face-to-face conversation,” said Andrew Noble, senior brand director Dixie Consumer Products. “When we eliminate common distractions that come from our mobile devices, especially during meals, it is remarkable how much more present we are for family and friends during the moments that matter most.”

RF1_3516To drive home the impact of “Be More Here” moments, Dixie has partnered with noted chef and TV personality Carla Hall.  As co-host of ABC’s The Chew, a successful restaurateur and a popular cookbook author, Hall adheres to the philosophy of cooking with love and treating meals as important social  occasions. Hall will appear at the Deadzone Diners in Los Angeles, which will feature her signature southern-inspired recipes.

“I’ve been cooking long enough to realize that a memorable meal is just as much about the conversation around the table as it is about the food on the plates,” said Hall. “We all have enough distractions in life that get in the way of real interaction, so I’m excited to join Dixie in encouraging people to put away their cell phones so they can better enjoy each other’s company when they’re sharing a meal.”

With a focus on family, friends and mealtimes, Dixie is committed to promoting environments where meaningful interaction can occur in the absence of distractions such as phone calls, social media and text messages. A new digital video on Dixie.com provides a humorous take on how our phones have actually made us less connected and illustrates how having “zero bars” can actually be the perfect time for people to come together.




Source: Little Black Book

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