Domino’s Pizza Unveils Twisted Chocolate Dough Ball

DomDoughThe next hybrid sweet treat has landed and this it’s hot, chocolatey and made from fresh pizza dough.

The Domino’s Twisted Chocolate Dough Ball has taken bite sized chunks of its warm, fresh pizza dough and twisted it with chunks of rich Belgium chocolate – a combination that hopes to tease taste buds across the nation.

Available exclusively to order via Domino’s Facebook page now before being available for collection or delivery nationwide at all stores from Monday 21st October; six Twisted Chocolate Dough Balls for £2.99.

These treats are hoping to be hit with pizza and chocolate lovers alike and they can be delivered straight to the door.

Domino’s Dough Master, Walter Currie, is responsible for creating the innovative new dessert and got the idea when busy in the kitchen one day.

DomDough1He said: “It’s simple really. Everyone loves pizza and most of us are partial to a nibble of chocolate. One of the most satisfying things about a dough ball is when you dip it in melted butter, but I got to thinking if anything could beat that perfect partnership and that’s when it came to me. As soon as I had made my first Twisted Chocolate Dough Ball I knew I was onto something seriously irresistible.”

Sales & Marketing Director, Simon Wallis said: “There are a lot of hybrid desserts on the market at the moment with some truly unusual flavours, but we’re confident that our Twisted Chocolate Dough Balls will stack up against even the most tempting of treats. What’s more, our hybrid is served hot and can be delivered straight to your door.”

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