Doritos, PHD and Pedestrian Launch Couple’s Collide Clothing for Valentine’s Day

Doritos is releasing limited edition jumpers to bring loved ones closer together this Valentine’s day. In the lead up to the romantic occasion, PHD, Doritos and Pedestrian will launch an exclusive online store that sells two-person jumpers in order to help couples add a little spice to the special day.

In line with their mantra, ‘For The Bold’, Doritos and PHD will be spoofing the marketing prowess of luxury fashion brands from around the globe to announce the release of the jumpers. Celebrity influencers like Georgia and Lee, the Bachelorette couple, as well as Tindafella (AKA Jarrod Allen) and girl friend Maddison Bonner, will be modelling the jumper by re-enacting famous celebrity images.

The jumpers bring to life the awesome flavour combination of hot wings and ranch, so fans and couples alike can pick which side of the jumper they prefer, though ultimately, the flavours work better together, like any dynamic duo.

Stephanie Douglas-Neal, PHD’s group business director, said: “The Doritos brand positioning of ‘For The Bold’ gives us the opportunity to really play in interesting territories. This Valentine’s Day, we really wanted our audience to connect with the brand and each other, and Pedestrian TV have been incredible partners to help us deliver our collide launch in a fresh and interesting way.”

The Doritos online store will be hosted on Pedestrian TV. Commenting on the campaign, Chris Wirashina, co-founder of Pedestrian TV, said: “This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to celebrate Netflix and Doritos by creating very snuggly and practical double-headed jumpers for couples who want to boldly collide. Like every important fashion collaboration, the limited run will be modelled by influencers with the digital pop-up shop set to sell out faster than the next drop of Yeezys. The three-way between Pedestrian, Doritos and PHD is the perfect embodiment of an integrated campaign with Aussie youth culture at its core.”

Source: B&T

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