Edelweiss introduces its new opus of its ‘Feel the Alps’ platform, enhancing the beer drinking experience to a new level of sensory delight

Creative Agency FRED & FARID Los Angeles and Fashion photographer Hans Neumann direct the new campaign which explores a unique, sensorial approach to advertising that epitomises the essence of Edelweiss

Edelweiss, the HEINEKEN owned premium wheat beer brand, introduces the second chapter of its “Feel the Alps” platform, with creative agency FRED & FARID Los Angeles. For this latest iteration of its iconic and award-winning* campaign, the brand and the agency partnered with renowned Peruvian fashion photographer Hans Neumann.

Building on the success of last year’s award-winning campaign, Edelweiss continues to push boundaries of beer communication. Like the first opus, this spot boldly foregoes any music, only sound design and mesmerising images to invite the viewer to the most sensorial elevated experience… it’s daylight, the mountain is beautiful, the altitude, the sun, the rush of churning water through a stream, the flowers, the bees, aerial shots of snow-capped mountain peaks, the wind, the birds, the breathing of fresh air, the fingertips lightly brushing wildflowers, the friendship, the sage, the golden wheat, the Elderflower, the hint of mountain herbs…all this contributing to a unique refreshing sip of Edelweiss.  

Drawing inspiration from the rejuvenating alpine vistas of Edelweiss’ origins, the film offers to the viewers a sensorial journey that perfectly captures the essence of the Edelweiss experience. 

Edelweiss is a modern take on a centuries-old wheat beer recipe, crafted with all-natural ingredients and infused with a subtle refreshing hint of mountain herbs (such as sage, coriander, and elderflower), providing an elevated drinking experience that delights all the senses.  

To capture the essence of this unique sensory beer experience, Edelweiss and the agency enlisted Hans Neumann, renowned for his editorial work with luxury fashion brands, to showcase the brand’s unique features through striking visuals and evocative imagery – far from the traditional codes of beer communication.  

Eric Halgand, Global Head of Future Brands Portfolio says:  

“As consumers face ever-increasing demands in their fast-paced lives, they seek more sophisticated drinks that offer a full sensory experience to reward themselves and help them unwind. Our new campaign caters to this desire for pampering, inviting consumers to indulge in the delicate and sensory experience of Edelweiss beer. Inspired by the magnificent alpine mountains, Edelweiss is more than just another beer; it’s an invitation for extra indulgence, making it the perfect drink for those precious moments of relaxation.”

Fred & Farid Los Angeles Agency added:  

“We’re honoured to accompany Edelweiss once again in building this bold sensorial elevated platform. Consistency is key in such a crowded category like premium beers. This opus reinforces the origin of the beer, the aromatic composition, the premium recipe. It’s intended to make the viewer literally Feel The Alps through this viewing.”

Director Hans Neumann says:

“When directing the new Feel the Alps campaign, I wanted to tell a story that revolves around the actual experience of drinking this aromatic beer, transcending beyond simply how it tastes. Edelweiss is about unwinding, re-energising, and connecting with friends in an intimate way – so this had to be brought to life in the campaign. To do so, I worked to plunge viewers into the world of the Alps, using a blend of camera angles, editing, and the science of a few ASMR sound design.”

As around 83%** of Gen Z use YouTube to watch soothing content that helps them to relax, according to YouTube’s Culture and Trends Report, the Feel the Alps campaign cleverly leverages the growing popularity of soothing ASMR content, drawing a subtle connection to the brand’s identity, which has always embodied the relaxed, calming attitude of the Alps.  

Wheat beer has been rapidly growing in popularity across Asia over recent years, with consumers enjoying the delicate, smooth, and flavourful taste that sets it apart from other beer – in fact, wheat beer is the fastest growing beer style in the APAC region***. In a region that has historically favoured lagers, consumers now increasingly crave refreshing, novel tastes like Edelweiss.

The new Feel the Alps campaign will launch in South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, and China. The Feel the Alps ASMR video will be available to watch on here from 10th May 2023, and additional content will be available on the Edelweiss YouTube channel.

*source: Clio Awards – Sound Design Bronze Award 

**source: YouTube Culture & Trends Report 2022 

***source: GlobalData Heineken Craft Beer Database 2022 

Source: Fred & Farid Los Angeles

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