Erich & Kallman Renames The Sun for Astral Tequila’s New Campaign

Pop culture icon Jonathan Goldsmith bending a spoon with his mind, holding his breath for one hour, becoming the namesake of the sun and receiving the “Best Actor” award for a movie not out yet are just a few of the legendary moments in Astral Tequila’s first creative campaign, “This Calls for Tequila.”

The 10-spot video campaign, launched today, marks Jonathan Goldsmith’s first large-scale adverting appearance since his role as “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” The spots, created by ad agency Erich & Kallman, focus on toasting life’s most legendary moments with the most fitting tequila, Astral.

“This Calls for Tequila” encourages consumers to choose Astral for every celebration as well as life’s best, most unexpected, legendary moments–an ethos embodied by Goldsmith, the campaign’s star and Astral Tequila partner.

The campaign also features a new character who portrays Goldsmith’s butler, who gleefully brings news of his master’s accomplishments. “This Calls for Tequila,” Goldsmith replies when told of his most recent accolade, to which his servant responds, “The Finest Tequila!”

“Astral Tequila is the only spirit fitted for life’s most legendary moments, conversations and experiences whether that be a friend’s promotion at work or successfully disarming a bomb while blindfolded,” said Goldsmith, “I’m thrilled to share these videos with the world to explain why my drink of choice is tequila, Astral Tequila.”

Astral gave a preview of its partnership with Goldsmith this past June during a rare video message directed by David Lipman followed by several 30-second social videos leading up to the “This Calls for Tequila” launch. “I told you I don’t always drink beer,” said Goldsmith. “I prefer tequila – Astral Tequila.”

“Astral tequila is unlike any other, it is a heritage tequila reminiscent of the way the spirit was made before the process was industrialised,” said Master Sommelier and Astral Founder, Richard Betts, “It’s been exciting for me to work with Jonathan and to share our dream with so many people.”

The campaign will come to life through a mix of traditional and social media throughout 2018.


Client: Astral Tequila
Agency: Erich & Kallman LLC
Production Company: ContagiousLA
Director: Andrew Laurich
Director of Photography: Filip Vandewal
Executive Producer: Natalie Sakai
Producer: Sean Barney
Production Designer: Julio Gómez
Editorial Company: ContagiousLA
Editor: Eric Gross
Post Supervisor: Jordan Flack
Assistant Editor: n/a
Color: ContagiousLA
Senior Color Artist: Marco Cordero
Sound: Lime
Senior Engineer: Matt Miller
Producer: Susie Boyajan
Music: Butter
Executive Producer: Ian Jefferys

Source: Little Black Book

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