Everyday Inspirations with Birds Eye Chicken Grills

BrandMe have repositioned Birds Eye’s existing Chicken Grills range and evolved the premium chicken sub-range, Birds Eye Inspirations, to shift the current perception of frozen chicken grills from a backup solution to that of a delicious and trusted staple for any dinner occasion.

Birds Eye

By drawing upon the quality of ingredients and vibrant meal suggestions, BrandMe were able to declutter and modernise the Chicken Grills portfolio. The simplification of the Birds Eye Inspirations brand identity and new pack design, elevate the quality of the carefully selected ingredients and delicious flavour combinations of this new premium sub-range, and enhance product differentiation.

The inspiring photography and dynamic navigation system have brought to life the Birds Eye Chicken Grills’ exceptional at-home dining experience positioning and evolved the range into a modern, healthy and deliciously tasty looking portfolio.

Coulter Patton, Creative Director at BrandMe says: “The range needed clear differentiation and a spark of inspiration, so we evolved the identity and pack by simplifying the branding, giving it a much more modern look and feel, and reinforcing the ‘made from 100% chicken breast’ message. The new contemporary photography style also heroes the quality and emphasises the key feature that they are made using breast fillet, whilst inspiring vibrant, healthy meal solutions”.


Source: BrandMe

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