Evian & Elie Saab Celebrate Purity With Limited Edition Bottle

Fashion designer Elie Saab has given the bottle of French mineral water brand Evian a makeover, as a limited edition bottle design.

Evian1Featuring intricate lace patterns signature to Saab—which were seen on his famous embroidered wedding gowns—the limited edition Evian bottles take on a feminine and an elegant look.

Although the custom-made lace design of the bottle looks simple, the final product took 26 sketches, 17 prototypes and four months to test and finalize.

The lace pattern was not taken from already made fabric, rather, it was designed specifically for the bottle.

“Evian approached me with the theme of purity,” Saab told The National. “We are known for the embroidery, but we are also known as well for the clean-cut, very pure designs. I wanted to respect Evian as well as having my signature on the botte, so I decided to make the design very transparent, so that you can see through to the purity of the water.”

“Lace is a very noble thing, and the transparency of the lace reflects the transparency of the water,” Saab added.

Part of ‘The Lace Garden’ collection, the Elie Saab limited edition bottle will be available at high-end restaurants and hotels in three sizes from November.

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