Ferrero Introduces New Piña Colada Tic Tac Mixers

The Tic Tac brand, known for its iconic-shaped mints and unique packaging, is launching Piña Colada flavour Tic Tac Mixers mints. The Piña Colada flavour is the newest addition to the Tic Tac Mixers family of products, which includes Cherry Cola flavour and Peach Lemonade flavour mints.

The new Piña Colada flavour Tic Tac Mixers mints brings two exciting flavours – coconut and pineapple – to every mint. The first flavour of delicious coconut transitions to tropical pineapple flavour as you let the mint melt in your mouth, resulting in a great tasting flavour combination that will surprise and delight.

“We’re excited to bring a little summer to our fans with new Piña Colada flavour Tic Tac Mixers,” said Todd Midura, Vice President of Marketing – Tic Tac. “With our Tic Tac Mixers, we look to give our customers something new and unexpected from our traditional Tic Tac products, and we know this new tropical flavour delivers.”

The new flavour is available in stores now in the 60-piece count format.

Source: The Ferrero Company

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