Fiji Water Introduces New Look for the Active, On-the-go Lifestyles

254029Fiji Water, One of America’s premium bottled water brand, announced the launch of its new 700 mL bottle size. Designed for the active lifestyle, Fiji Water now fits effortlessly everywhere, from fitness equipment and gym bags to car cup holders and beyond.

As Fiji Water celebrates its 20th anniversary, the sleek new look, which marks the first new bottle for the brand in nearly 10 years, comes on the heels of Fiji’s first-ever television advertising campaign and new label redesign.

“We understand that people are on-the-go more than ever, and we created the 700 mL size to fit whatever lifestyle our consumers lead,” said Clarence Chia, vice president of marketing, Fiji Water. “Reaction to our new label design and television campaign was extremely positive earlier this year with sales outpacing expectations, and the expansion of our product line-up with the new 700 mL further enhances our ability to meet consumer bottled water needs across all activities and occasions.”

Fiji Water’s 700 mL bottle retains the iconic square shape, soft taste and unique mineral profile that consumers have come to know and love. The convenient shape makes it the perfect choice for a vigorous spinning class, personal training session, daily commute or summer road trip.

“The 700 mL launch marks another huge step in the growth of Fiji Water,” added Chia. “This new offering will help consumers continue to incorporate healthy beverage choices into everything from their daily routines to special occasions.”

Fiji Water is bottled at the source in Fiji at an ancient artesian aquifer deep within the earth, where it is protected from external impurities. As tropical rain slowly filters through volcanic rock, it gathers the electrolytes and minerals that give Fiji Water its signature soft, smooth taste. In fact, Fiji Water has significantly more naturally occurring electrolytes than other brands. It’s untouched by man – until you unscrew the cap.

The new 700 mL bottle is available now for $2.29 in stores nationwide in the US.

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